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Bodymax Kettlebells Cast Iron Vinyl Coated - Choose from 4kg - 40kg

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High quality cast iron kettlebells with protective vinyl casing. Bodymax vinyl kettlebells come in 9 different weights and colour from 4kg to 40kg.
Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell Suitable for All Clubs and Gyms, Personal Trainers or individuals using at home
  • Larger than normal handles for added comfort
  • Vinyl coating to reduce chaffing and bruising
  • Flat "anti-roll" base
  • 4Kg-Pink, 8Kg-Purple, 12Kg-Orange, 16Kg-Yellow, 20Kg-Red, 24Kg-Blue, 28Kg-Green, 32Kg-Grey, 40Kg-Black

Availability: In stock

Product Name Price Qty
Bodymax 4kg Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (Pink)
Bodymax 8kg Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (Purple)
Bodymax 12kg Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (Orange)
Bodymax 16kg Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (Yellow)
Bodymax 20kg Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (Red)
Bodymax 24kg Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (Blue)
Bodymax 28kg Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (Green)
Bodymax 32kg Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (Grey)
Bodymax 40kg Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (Black)
Bodymax Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set A: 4Kg (Pink), 8Kg (Purple) and 12Kg (Orange)
Bodymax Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set B: 8Kg (Purple),12Kg (Orange) and 16Kg (Yellow)
Bodymax Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set C: 12Kg (Orange),16Kg (Yellow) and 20Kg (Red)
Bodymax Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set D: 16Kg (Yellow), 20Kg (Red) and 24Kg (Blue)
Bodymax Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set E: Nine Kettlebells 4Kg-40Kg


These kettlebells have larger than normal handles which are comfortable to hold and allow for a more natural lifting movement due to the increased distance between the handle and weight. The vinyl coating helps protect chaffing of skin from cast iron. All Bodymax cast iron vinyl coated kettlebell weights have a flat base which allows them to sit upright and prevents them from rolling on their side. 4Kg-Pink, 8Kg-Purple, 12Kg-Orange, 16Kg-Yellow, 20Kg-Red, 24Kg-Blue, 28Kg-Green, 32Kg-Grey, 40Kg-Black

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bodymax
Condition New
No. of Years Warranty 1
RRP £98.98

Fitness Guru Review

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The popularity of kettlebells has soared over recent years, and if you are looking for your own personal set which look the part then look no further than the Bodymax Vinyl kettlebells. They are solid and balanced and very comfortable to use, as there is ample space between handle and the top of the bell and personally found the size of the handle very good to grip especially when compared to other brands. The Bodymax vinyl coated cast iron kettlebells are manufactured to the same high standard as the Bodymax cast iron kettlebell, in addition the vinyl coating enhances the appearance and has the benefit of reducing chaffing of cast iron against your arms. For the novices using kettlebells don't be fooled into thinking its like lifting dumbbells ...it's not! I would advise anyone to look at the dumbbells they lift and then go for a weight lower on the Kettlebells. The most popular sizes for males are 12kg or 16kg and females 4kg or 8kg.

I would suggest you look at a variety of weights so you have the facility to try a number of differing exercises that you can carry out using the kettlebells.

The Bodymax vinyl kettlebells are extremely well built and very popular with personal trainers and bootcamps. However if you are wanting a more refined kettlebell than I would advise going for the Ziva Vinyl kettlebells.

David Dyke (National Branch Network Manager with Powerhouse since 2002)

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