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Bodymax R100 Folding Air Rowing Machine - 2017 Black Edition

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Our most recommended and best-selling home rower - the super smooth, super quiet R100 delivers superb build-quality, unbeatable computer programs including heart rate control and is suitable for people up to 7'6'' in height and people weighing up to 150kg.
  • Computer with 42 workout programs, (incl 4 pulse-controlled & 1 race-program)
  • Full auto-controlled air magnetic resistance system - Computer controlled resistance adjustment 16 levels (30 to 300 Watt)
  • Strong, stable well engineered frame
  • Full stroke for tall people plus folds for storage
  • Optional extra - Infiniti Heart Rate Transmitter - wireless transmission of heart rate to computer: required for Heart Rate Control programs
RRP: 1199

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With well over a decade of research and development went into making the Infiniti R100 one of the most popular rowing machines on the market. The Infiniti R100 Rowing Machine is a premium product, designed and built to the highest standards. The R100 features one of the most sophisticated on-board workout consoles, and addresses key consumer feedback on rowing machine noise and capability to enable full stroke for taller users. The R100 has a magnetic air resistance system that provides 16 resistance levels that automatically adjust during the course of each program. The fabulous on-board workout console features 42 pre-set programs that provide both variety and motivation for even the most demanding users. Also Included is a heart-rate control program feature that enables users to input their desired heart rate training range, the computer then automatically adjusts resistance levels to keep you within your desired training zone. The R100 stores data for up to 5 users. The super-smooth R100 is much quieter than competing models, yet is rugged enough to accommodate people up to 150kg in weight. The R100 folds for easy storage. The combination of superior technology and excellent build quality puts the R100 in class of its own. n.b. The Infiniti Heart Rate Transmitter is optional. Wireless transmission of heart rate to computer is required for Heart Rate Control programs Dimensions - 237cm x 50cm x 91cm Weight - 55Kg

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bodymax
Free UK Delivery? Yes
Condition New
Headline promo

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No. of Years Warranty 2
Warranty Type(s) Home, Light Commercial
Warranty Details 5 Years Frame 2 Years Parts 1 Year Labour
Light Commercial Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labour limited to 3 Hours use per day
Restricted to non fee-paying commercial facilities.
Maximum User Weight 150 kg
Cushioning Type NA
Dimensions Folded 130cm x 53.2cm x 167cm (L x W x H)
Dimensions Open 235cm x 52.4cm x 85cm (L x W x H)
Display Feedback Watts generated
Calories burned
Distance travelled
Time training
Number of strokes
Strokes per minute
Time per 500 meters: average/current
Bar graph
User display
Level display
You vs. Pacer display

Flywheel Weight This rowing Machine is an air rowing machine, no flywheel inside, but it is on base of coil spring, friction tape and fan blade combined.
Folds For Storage Yes
Motor Power (HP) NA
Heart Rate Measurement Yes
Incline (%) NA
Speed Range (mph) NA
Power Method Mains
Product Weight in KG 43.6
Programmes 5 user memory 42 workout programs: 1 pacer program 1 race program against average time/500 m 2 intervals: distance and time 4 heart rate programs: 60%, 75%, 90% and target heart rate 1 Watt program 5 freely adjustable profile programs 25 preset programs Fitness test 1 entertaining play mode 1 recovery program
Resistance Magnetic air resistance
Resistance Range 16 resistance levels
Running Area NA
Running Belt NA
Seat Single person
Stride Length NA
Frame Gauge Aluminium
Key Stations NA
Number of Users 1
Weight Stack NA
Tension Control Coil spring, friction tape and fan blade combined.
RRP £1,199.00

Fitness Guru Review

Unbiased Views from Fitness Professionals

The premium end of the rowing machine market has for years been dominated by Concept 2, which has very ably set the benchmark for all other brands entering the marketplace. When I took delivery of the R100, even before assembling the product I was immediately impressed with the quality of the materials. From the aluminium glide rail to the nuts and bolts, it was clear that component spec was a priority at Infiniti. The glide rail also folds upright, which is a nice space-saving feature. During assembly, everything fitted together beautifully, I couldn't wait to give this baby a run for its money. When first I sat on the rowing machine, I immediately noticed how much more comfortable my foot positioning was, and as the seat smoothy glided across the rail, you know you are using a high quality product. It is also worth pointing out that the glide rail is long enough to enable very tall people to fully stretch their legs on the backword stroke - often a problem with other models. The resistance mechanism uses magair - a combination of magnetic and air resistance. This dramatically reduces the air noise associated with other products such as Concept, yet maintains exceptionally subtle changes in resistance as it steps up the gears.

And so on to the main difference between the Infiniti R100 and other premium rowers - the superb R100 onboard computer console. The console on the R100 represents a huge step forward: unlike competing products, resistance levels can be adjusted by the programme selected on the console - the heart rate control programmes (there are 3 different HRC options) are the best example to give, as you set your heart rate training zone, for the duration of your workout the programme continues to adjust resistance to ensure your work rate remains within your training zone. This is now a relatively common feature in treadmills, cross trainers and exercise cycles, but almost unheard ofl in rowing machines. In all there are 15 Auto Control Programmes (Preset programs that vary the magnetic resistance as you train). Also included are Pacer and Interval Programmes - the Pacer programme simulates racing or pacing against an opponent and the interval programmes take you through cycles of sprint and coast, similar to training drills practiced by competitive water rowers. The intervals can be set by time or distance. There are also 4 User Preset Programmes, allowing 4 separate users to train on this machine and keep their own unique preferences pre-programmed for easy use every time.

It is important to point out that the Heart Rate transmitter chest strap is not a standard accessory, so in order to benefit from the inetractive heart rate control element of this well-researched technology, you must be sure to buy the strap as an optional extra - if you don't, you will miss out!

I have also seen similar reviews from around the world, and also noted that the resale price of the R100 was much lower in the UK than elsewhere, which makes a refreshing change.

I have long been a Concept 2 devotee, and was doubtful that any other product would ever come close ... and then came the Infiniti R100 and R200 . The Infiniti R100 is outstanding value for money.

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